Wednesday, January 6, 2010

tonsils and adenoids...

We are going to have Carson's tonsils and adenoids out. The surgery is scheduled for January 14. I know that is next week, I am getting a little nervous. At this point with the results of the sleep study (see below), we, along with the Drs, feel the benefits out weigh the risks. Please give us extra prayers and send us extra love. We do have extra home nursing approved for after surgery, we will have a nurse here for 22 hours a day for 10 days after surgery.

The sleep study results were:
Carson is in deep sleep 85% of the time. This is how newborns and premies sleep, he gets very little REM sleep. This is all very typical of neurological patients. Because he is in a very deep sleep he has very little apnea episodes. Although the apnea episodes were difficult to distinguish, the Dr counted 8 apneas total, all night. This again is typical of neuro patients, having one episode an hour, this is a very low rate. The Dr also noticed some upper airway resistance: his tonsils and adenoids are large, also his floppy muscles play a role in this. Carson's breathing is very shallow and is considered a paradoxical breather (a tummy breather). The best thing we can do for Carson right now is what we are doing, keep him on oxygen when he is sleeping. We are also hoping that the tonsil and adenoid ectomy will help.

Jeff and I were able to take a short vacation over new years to help de-stress. We went to South Carolina, where Jeff's sister, Kari, is. Our Friends Steve and Christy Anthofer met us there. We had a blast. Jeff and Steve were able to play golf on the ocean course while Christy and I spent a few hours at a spa. We were also able to close some bars down a few nights in a row, something we had not done in a few years. We were ready to come home and see our baby, but not ready to get back to the snow.

We love you all and will keep you updated as much as we can.


kelley said...
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kelley said...

Hooray on the get away, what a welcome sight sun and warmth would be! Extra prayers are headed your way in the weeks to come, and looking forward to post surgery updates! Give that little guy a hug from Eby Ln.