Sunday, January 17, 2010

Resting at home

We came home from the hospital Friday afternoon about 2:00. Carson has been resting ever sense. He has been in pain, even on Tylenol with Codeine every four hours, but sleeping through most of it. Today Carson was awake a little bit more and feeling better, but is having more pain now and also has a pretty high fever. We are planning to give him a bath to reduce the fever...if that does not help we will call the Doctors. Will keep you posted. Not too worried at this point.

Carson is doing just fine. We got his fever under control here at home, it ended up that we were not giving him enough pain meds. We all feel terrible... Carson is well and having no pain (it seems). Carson has been awake the majority of today playing and talking with us. :)


kelley said...
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kelley said...

I hope the bath, rest and meds ease Carsons pain. As a parent that is such a difficult thing to watch. He is such a trooper. Our prayers are with you all for a better week ahead.