Monday, March 24, 2008

Power of Prayer and Strength

I witnessed one of the most powerful and precious moments last night at the Bowman's. As Sarah tucked Carson in for the night, she prayed and blessed Carson in a way that only a mother or father could. I couldn't help but feel so moved by her precious prayers for Carson (it was one of those moments where you truly feel at peace and know your Guardian Angels are all around...especially all the millions of Guardian Angels for Carson). Carson must fall asleep every night with the most wonderful thoughts in his mind...images of him playing, running, talking to girls and playing ball. What peaceful dreams he must have with Mom and Dad cheering him on from the sidelines! Wow! What a Mom and Dad!
A friend of mine asked me this the other day after I had given her the update on Carson, "Did you know that your sister was so strong?" And at first I thought that was a silly question with a simple answer of "Yes, of course she is strong." But after a few minutes of thought, I truly realized she is so much stronger than I ever knew and I admire her to the highest degree. The same goes for Jeff...words can't describe your strength!
Continue to pray for Carson's healing and health...WE BELIEVE!!!
Aunt Becky

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