Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bath time

We had a great time today...we got a good work out with our OT, Carson was so zonked after that! He was such a messy boy after eating dinner we had to get in the bath...this is where we had the most fun. Aunt Becky was with us and was able to help me when I flipped him over to have 'tummy time' in the bath! He absolutely loved it...we will definitely have to get a movie of that for all of you. He moves his legs so much, he looks like he is is great! He is getting ready for the lake this summer!

Love you all - Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!


moranzark said...

HI CARSON, Dad and Mom!! sorry it has been a while since we have written but you have been in our thought abd prayers daily if not hourly. We are so excited that you love the water and can't wait to get you on the boat and in the lake this july. keep up all the great work. LOVE sue and mark

Becky said...

Carson it was so fun to watch you swim like a little fish last night! You will just love the lake this summer! Have a great day today...lots of love and prayers.

Aunt Becky

Tina said...

I'm a fellow menkes mom. I saw your website on the menkes board. Carson is so cute, reminds me a lot of Lance when he was little.