Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DNA and Therapy update

Hello all-

Just wanted to update everyone on what is going on at out house on a weekly basis. Carson has occupational therapy every Wednesday, they come to the house to work with him! This is awesome. We will also have a vision therapist come to the house once a week, that will start soon. Everyone that comes into our house to work with us is great. They all have great ideas for us to help Carson in getting stronger.
We did get a call from the doctors yesterday with the DNA results. He does have a positive Menkes mutation in his genes. However, it is a mutation that they have never seen before. We do not understand all of it yet, we will have a meeting with the doctors in about 4 weeks. We will have much more information and understanding then. The doctors drew my blood today to be able to see if I am a carrier. We will keep you updated on all that is going on.
Carson continues to love his food and we are working our way through the green veggies! I cant wait to start fruits and then meats!

Have a great Easter!

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