Friday, October 2, 2009

Sick update

The tests results from Thursday are in (some of them) H1N1 came back negative. Blood cultures were clear also. We are still waiting on the stool test to come back. So we thought we were all good to go on vacation.

All was well until Wednesday, Carson woke up with a slight fever, 101. We nursed it and waited for 24 hours hoping it would go away (we talked with the pediatrician also). Thursday he woke up worse, very close to 105, hard time breathing. After talking to our doctor in KC again, we decided to take him to the local ER. There he had more blood tests, his white blood count was up again, to 14. He also had another chest x-ray, came back negative. What the ER Dr, pediatrician and us decided was that the Amoxacillin was just not working. Carson was given another Rocephine shot. We also started him on Prednisone, he has been having asthma attacks. On Friday we went back to the ER for another Rocephine shot, we also got Tylenol with codeine for him (he has been just miserable). He of course is wiped now and we will get home tomorrow just fine. We will see how he is tomorrow and go from there, if we need to check in with the pediatrician or go to Children's mercy or are fine and will stay home.

Please keep up all the prayers, we can use as many as possible at this point. It is too early in the winter season to be having these health issues.

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kelley said...

How scary to be away from the Docs that are familiar with Carson and have these problems. I hope that you all were able to enjoy some of your time away and that Carson wasn't too miserable. You all continue to be in our prayers for a quick recovery and NO MORE illness this winter!