Tuesday, October 6, 2009

At home

We got home today at about 12, noon.  Carson has not stopped talking since, it is great to hear him just a blabbering away...I can only imagine what he is telling us.

Will give more of an update later. We have got an inspiring and touching story for you!!!!


moranzark said...

GREAT to hear that everyone is home and doing better. get some rest. LOVE SUE

kelley said...

Looking forward to the story you have to share! Not sure if CIera made it to see you all before you checked out, but hope she did! Glad to hear you are all home and enjoying Carsons stories.

Becky said...

Oh the stories I am sure Carson is telling you. Sweet sounds! He is so happy to be home! Gotta love it!

Enjoy your quiet and peaceful time at home. A good nights rest in your own bed...give Carson some snuggles from me.

Thank God for all His blessings...we will continue to pray for Carson's health and comfort and for strength and rest for you and Jeff as well.

Aunt Becky and Uncle Marcos