Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy, Happy, Happy

We have had a great few days!

We are working on holding his bottle, and lots of tummy time.


Becky said...

Carson it is so awesome you are working on holding your bottle! It was great to see you doing that the other day! I am so very proud of you!!! It was tons of fun to spend time with you over the weekend and all day just light up my days buddy! Hope you have a great rest of the week...keep working hard on holding your bottle and getting strong with tummy time!

Lots of love!
Aunt Becky

Joann Sapp said...

Such a handsome little man. Glad to see you holding your bottle!! You're a very lucky guy to have such loving parents!!
Jeff & Sarah, Thanks so much for all the pics & updates!!
Take Care,
Joann & Family

moranzark said...

Carson you look like such a big boy holding your bottle. Keep up the great work. Give your mom and dad a big wet kiss from all of us. LOVE Sue and Mark

Jen said...

Hi Carson! Wow look at you!! You are such a big boy holding your own bottle. Thanks for letting me come over and play on Tuesday. I had lots of fun and enjoyed meeting your friends. Keep up the good work. We know you are trying so hard. We love you and hope to see you soon.

Love you bunches!!
Aunt Jen, Uncle John, and Cousin Julianna

klatshaw said...

I finally figured out how to do this all by myself! Well Mr. Carson T. Bowman, if you are not the BIG BOY holding your own bottle... way to GO! Keep going, we are all praying and pulling for you in more ways than anyone knows... you will be OK, healthy, fully-developed and catch-up if not surpass everyone else - we will BELIEVE for you forever...!


G-Pa Latshaw

Jen said...

I love you so much and you lood so cute holding you own bottle. My favorite thing about you is having to wait to see how much youve grown every time i see you. You are the bright light that shines and fills my heart. your hard times have tought me a lesson. that lesson is that you cant allways judge someone by what they look like you allways have to try and look further inside their personality, and thats were your true magic is. You have the greatest things inside your sole and heart. You have happynes, you have a loving familey, you have evertything emaginal in GODS heart. What I think is that GOD gave you his heart. And that is the most preasius thing you could be blessed with.