Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fun with Friends

Friday we had many visitors. Carson loved playing with his cousin Julianna! He also got to snuggle with his Aunts, Jen and Becky. Carson is such a snugly boy, I hope he stays like that as he grows up (positive thinking).

Today we started oatmeal and will add veggies to it on Tuesday. We will be sure to get pictures and possibly videos! Speaking of videos, check out the new ones on the video link, there is a great one of Carson laughing with his friend Matthew (a boy I watch during the day).

We love you all and will keep you updated.


Kari said...

Carson, I wish I could cuddle with you! I miss you!

moranzark said...

Hi Carson!! Since we can not be there to give you lots of love time ask your mom and dad to do it for us. We love you all ! Keep up the good work. Love Sue amd Mark

{us} said...


What are you up to? I miss you. I hope I can see you soon.

Love, Bryce

Becky said...

Hey little guy! I hope you have a great day today...I hear you got a special kiss from a little girl named Peyton last night. Girlfriends already? Not surprising I guess since you are just the cutest little boy ever. :)

Love you bunches Cman! See you tonight.

Aunt Becky