Sunday, July 24, 2011

Updates: June 25, 2011

Carson’s 4th Birthday Bash!!

Please help us celebrate Carson’s birthday.

Saturday August 13th 6:00 pm

Bowman House: 15821 w 150th terr

Gifts not necessary, just help us celebrate.

Bring cold drinks, lawn chairs and cooler weather!

Carson: Follow up to the May 26th update. Carson’s disease is progressing and over the last month we have had more changes. His urine has been very smelly but had not been coming back with bacteria. So we did some labs on his blood and urine and the results came proving Carson’s Doctor’s thoughts. The brain damage is now affecting his Pituitary gland. His Anti-diuretic Hormone is high making his ammonia levels also very high. The high ammonia levels are why his urine has been very smelly. To help get more ammonia out of his body we have increased his Miralax to increase his stools per day. We have also put a Foley Catheter in, which is a catheter that stays in and is hooked up to a bag so his bladder is able to drain all the time. In a “typical” person, high ammonia levels cause confusion, in Carson it causes him to be more lethargic and he sleeps most of the time. Since we put in the Foley and have increased his daily stools, Carson has seemed to feel much better. He has been awake and does not look uncomfortable. The Hospice nurse just put the Foley in on Friday morning, so we are still learning and adjusting to his new care routines. The blood labs also showed us that Carson has very high sodium levels. We have been able to cut some of the sodium out of his diet, one of his multivitamins had sodium in it and we have stopped giving him a daily dose. We again are taking one day at a time and adjusting to what we need to for Carson. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Cameryn: Our big 4 month old. Her check up went great and the Dr. is very impressed with her strength. The Dr thinks Cami will be on the move soon! We have also started rice cereal with her. She loves it and looks forward to eating two times a day… She continues to love to snuggle and kiss on her brother.

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Joann Sapp said...

Happy 4th Birthday Carson!! Hope you have a great day!! See ya Saturday!!