Wednesday, July 29, 2009

update 7-29

OK so we have had some interesting few days lately.  

Last Thursday July, 23, we took Carson to the Urgent Care at Children's Mercy.  He woke up with a 103 degree fever, very green mucus and was having difficulties breathing.  They took blood and ran many tests on it, they did a chest x-ray on him and all they were able to conclude was that his white blood cell count was high.  The chest x-ray showed viral with out pneumonia, so they diagnosed him with a lower respiratory infection.  They gave him a 20 minute IV of Rocephin (very high antibiotic) and sent us home with Amoxicillin.  Both of course these gave Carson really bad diarrhea.  His poor tush was really red, we seem to have it under control now, we used Aquaphor by Eucerin.   With all the extra congestion, Carson's pediatrian and Nuero wanted to start him on Robinul.  Jeff and I are skeptical of this drug, we also tried this drug in early Dec, which we think helped send us into a large asthma attack and started the hospital stay and the NG tube.  But we are going to try it again, we know he will not get dehydrated this time because of the Mickey button.

Friday July, 24, we took him to the pediatrician for a follow up.  His white blood cell count had decreased by half!  This right there told us it was not viral.  The rest of Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday were uneventful.  We gave him more Probiotics to help with the diarrhea and made two of his bottle with Pedialyte instead of water, to prevent dehydration.  We decreased the Robinul because he was coughing with a lot of crud, but nothing was coming out.

Tuesday July, 28, Carson woke up cruddy and was wheezing again.  We stayed home and did what we could here.  We started the Orapred (asthma steroid) and gave him extra breathing treatments.     Diarrhea is finally getting better.  

Wednesday July, 29, he is still cruddy and wheezy, but the steroid is starting to help.  Carson has been coughing a lot out on his own!  The Robinul getting out of his system might also be helping.

We are hanging in there...


kelley said...

It always makes you think, why so much for such a sweet little guy? Hopefully the treatments and meds will get him back to a comfortable level again soon! You and Jeff are amazing, hugs to all 3 of you!

moranzark said...

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU ARE DOING TO SUPPORT YOURSELVES AND CARSON!! We will continue to pray that the meds and treatment will get him back and playing again. LOTS of LOVE Mark and Sue

Becky said...

Lots of prayers and love going your way! We hope and pray Carson continues to improve and gets back to his normal wonderful self soon. Keep up the good work and continue to love on each other. God is watching over you all and guiding you every step of the way...continue in your unwavering faith. WE BELIEVE!!!

Aunt Becky and Uncle Marcos