Sunday, May 31, 2009

update 5-31

Hello all-

Thought we would give you an update.  Carson just cut his 5th tooth yesterday!  He now has 3 teeth on the bottom and 2 on top.  (The new one is on bottom right.)  We are very glad that nice weather is here.  We have been getting Carson out at least once a day.  We have been using the allergen blocker (gel you rub on nostrils and upper lip) it seems to help.  He has been having more seizures lately, we are working on medicines to get them under control a little more.  We have noticed that he has been having seizures all night long and we think that lack of good sleep at night is creating more seizures during the day.  We have been giving him a dose of Mortin and 2 mls of extra Clonazepam right before bed, hoping it will help him relax and sleep better.  It seems to be working a little but really the change is too early to tell if it is working.  We are also getting excited for Aunt Becky and Uncle Marcos' wedding coming up in a few weeks!  We love you all and hope that the start to your summer has been wonderful!  Please keep us in your prayers.

PS- All of his blood work came back normal! (from May 1 update)

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